Why Pet Vaccinations Matter: 3 Things Every Pet Owner Should Know

By February 18, 2013Uncategorized

When your pet was a puppy or kitten, one of the first things you likely did as a new pet owner was to be sure that your pet was vaccinated against rabies and other deadly diseases. The puppy/kitten shot series is the best way to give your pet a healthy head start in life. But did you know that this vaccination protection won’t last forever?

Important Pet Vaccinations Info from Your Greenbrae Veterinarian
Pets require booster shots to maintain their immunity against highly contagious diseases, including parvo, distemper and kennel cough. These illnesses can easily be transmitted between pets at the dog park, grooming salon, boarding kennels, or even between two pets in your own home. This is why it is so important to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date.
Here are three important things every pet owner should know about pet boosters:

#1: Pet vaccinations are safe and effective. As a pet owner, you may be worried or concerned about whether booster shots are a safe choice for your pet. While there is always a risk of allergic reaction to a vaccination, like any medication, this risk is extremely low. In fact, there is a much greater chance that your pet will become ill from a preventable disease than experience an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

#2: Rabies can infect any pet, including indoor cats. You may think that it’s okay to let your cat’s rabies protection lapse. Doing so, however, could set your cat up for serious illness and even an untimely death. Cats are susceptible to bites from rabid animals that have entered through the attic, basement or have met your cat outdoors. Up-to-date rabies vaccination is essential for every pet.

#3: Emergency animal hospital care is expensive. Should your pet contract a deadly illness, your pet may require hospitalization, which can be incredibly expensive. Vaccines are affordable and prevent the need for costly emergency veterinarian care.
When was the last time your pet visited our animal hospital to update their boosters?