Hi, I’m Momo the clinic mascot; welcome to Redwood Pet Clinic!

Let me show you around.


Outside of the Redwood Pet Clinic.  Inside is a compassionate Veterinary Team, ready to assist you!


Here’s our waiting room. We have soft comfortable benches and Pet Care TV to watch while you wait for your appointment.


Here’s our reception area. Our staff will help with you and your pets needs.


We also have a well supplied pharmacy and laboratory.

Our lab is capable of doing blood work, urinalysis, and a variety of cytology in-house so we get results back during your visit. We also partner with an outside lab to do most of our non-urgent lab work.

We have a big treatment area with both a wet and dry table. The wet table is primarily used for our dental treatments.

2013-07-31_16_opt (1)

Doctor Manchester is caring for one of our hospitalized patients.

2013-07-31_16_opt (2)

That’s my Mommy stocking our roomy surgery suite for all standard surgeries.

We provide basic baths here at the clinic five days a week.  Saturdays excluded.

We have large and small dog kennels as well as cat kennels.  We are a traditional boarding facility geared to help your pet receive the special medical care and individual attention they need.  We have two exercise yards where we play with them and let them eliminate three times daily.

Stop by, and check us out!