Greenbrae and Marin County Pet Wellness Center for all of Marin

Pet wellness care can help your pet enjoy a healthier life with fewer illnesses and pet urgent care situations. Just as humans must maintain an everyday health regimen to ensure our health, so must your pet receive regular exams and preventative checkups. At Redwood Pet Clinic, we are happy to provide such services for all stages of your pet’s life.

Pet vaccinations play a critical role in Greenbrae and Marin County pet wellness which includes cat & dog wellness. Puppies and kittens as young as six weeks of age should receive “core vaccinations” against the common — and potentially deadly — diseases. Rabies protection is considered a core vaccination for cats and dogs alike. Other core vaccinations for dogs include parvovirus, hepatitis and canine distemper, while cats require protection against FIV, panleukopenia and calicivirus. This great start toward a lifetime of wellness requires following up with periodic booster shots to maintain the strength of the immunizations.

We recommend scheduling spay and neuter surgeries for your pet when they are 4 to 6 months of age. These sterilization surgeries do much more than help control the local pet population — they actually serve as a important aspect of pet wellness. Spaying or neutering your pet eliminates the threat of several kinds of reproductive disease, including potentially deadly cancers. Sterilization also prevents the hormonal spikes that cause aggression, sexual frustration and other problems that can trouble both you and your pet.

Keeping your pet healthy throughout adulthood requires such routine maintenance as pet grooming, pet dental care and proper nutrition. Grooming allows a veterinarian to look for redness, swelling or bald patches that might indicate a skin problem. We can also check the ears for mites, tiny parasites that often cause ear problems, and check for tick or flea infestation. A soothing bath also removes accumulated skin oils that feed bacteria. Regular dental checkups can help us catch oral cancers or periodontal (gum) disease. We can fix or extract a decayed or damaged tooth, if necessary, to help your pet enjoy eating without pain. Eating the right food matters too — as your pet ages, his nutritional needs change. Any veterinarian at our clinic can recommend a sound dietary plan for your pet’s needs.



Cat & Dog Wellness Care from Our Greenbrae and Marin County Veterinarians

If you seek a Marin or Greenbrae veterinarian who knows how to implement a sound wellness plan for your beloved pet, look no further than our team here at Redwood Pet Clinic. Our experienced veterinary team can advise you on a comprehensive schedule of pet wellness procedures, including pet vaccinations, pet grooming sessions, pet dental checkups and spay and neuter surgery. We take the natural aging process into account so that your pet always receives the right care for his current stage in life and activity level. Of course we can also provide treatment for any ailments that may come up, from minor infections (which might become major without prompt care) and chronic pain issues to emergency surgery. Give your Marin or Greenbrae pet the greatest possible gift — a long and happy life!

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