Pet Vaccinations Protect Your Pet’s Health

While many pet owners know that vaccination against rabies is important, not all pet owners realize that there are many other diseases that also require pet vaccination. Additionally, yearly vaccine boosters are necessary to keep your pet’s immunizations up to date. Our veterinarian follows a pet vaccination proactive approach to wellness care. Pet vaccinations are an important part of this approach.

Redwood Pet Clinic Recommends Vaccines for Wellness Care

Our pet clinic recommends the core vaccination series for dogs and cats. For dogs, these pet vaccinations include the DHPP shot (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza) leptospirosis and coronavirus. If your dog frequents grooming salons, dog parks, or pet boarding, we also recommend bordetella, which protects against kennel cough. For cats, the core vaccines are offered as a combined shot, FVRCCP series (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydia and panleukopenia). Depending on your cat’s lifestyle, we may also make additional vaccination recommendations. For example, if you have a cat that tests positive for FeLV (feline leukemia), the FeLV vaccine can protect your other cats from cat-to-cat transfer of the virus.

All pets, including indoor cats, must be vaccinated against rabies. An initial pet vaccination is administered during the puppy/kitten shot series. A booster shot is typically administered one year later. Depending on the vaccine’s manufacturer, your pet may need annual booster shots or a booster shot every three years. The core vaccination series also requires regular booster shots to remain effective.

Our Greenbrae and Marin County veterinarian works closely with each pet owners to determine the best pet vaccinations schedule for your pet’s wellness needs. We recognize that some pet owners may wonder whether regular vaccination is safe or necessary. Regular vaccination is more than necessary; it is a vital part of proactive wellness care and can truly save your pet’s life. Even with advanced veterinary medicine, treating illnesses like parvo or distemper can be difficult and incredibly expensive. Worse, if these illnesses are diagnosed too late, even the most advanced veterinary medicine may not be able to save your pet’s life. Additionally, emergency vet treatments can be very expensive, while vaccination – even on a yearly booster schedule – costs very little. Vaccinations are a smart investment in your pet’s long-term health and well-being.

In addition to protecting your pet’s health, pet vaccinations also protect your family’s health. Rabies, while rare, is deadly. If your pet were to be bitten by a rapid wild animal and then bite a family member, your pet would have to be put to sleep. This can happen even with indoor pets should a rabid animal enter through the attic. This is sad ending can be avoided by keeping your pet’s rabies vaccinations up to date.

Pet vaccinations are a safe and effective way to protect your pet from deadly illnesses, while also keeping your family safe. Should you have any questions about your pet’s health or need to start on a vaccination schedule, contact our veterinarian today.