Greenbrae and Marin County Pet Dental Care

Pets do not have the freshest smelling breath, but if a pet has particularly bad breath, please take note: 85% of pets 3 years old and older suffer from periodontal disease. Many of even the most responsible pet owners do not realize that a daily dental hygiene routine is just as important for their pets as it is for them. Periodontal disease is very painful—and if it goes unchecked, it can damage a pet’s heart, liver and kidneys. Our Greenbrae and Marin County pet dental team urges pet owners to make an appointment for a dental checkup so that we can examine and properly clean the pet’s teeth. We will also demonstrate how to train pets to enjoy a daily dental regimen at home.

Pet Dental Care in Greenbrae and Marin County:

A Critical Aspect of Veterinary Health

We recommend that pets have their teeth cleaned at least once a year by a veterinarian skilled in pet dentistry. At Redwood Pet Clinic, our veterinary team provides high-quality Greenbrae and Marin County pet dental care. We do thorough examinations and diagnoses through Greenbrae pet dental care provided by veterinarian digital radiography if necessary, and we clean both below and above the gum line using safe, effective ultrasonic technology to remove tartar and plaque. After cleaning, we polish the pet’s teeth to create a smooth surface that resists future plaque accumulation. Dog dental and cat dental exams and teeth cleanings naturally take place under anesthesia. All pets receive a complete health and blood screening if needed beforehand to ensure they are safe, and a technician is always on hand to monitor the pet’s vital signs before, during and after each procedure.

While we provide experienced veterinary dental care, this is only one aspect of ensuring a pet’s dental health. Every day, a layer of plaque (formed by bacteria, saliva and food particles) builds up on a pet’s teeth. This needs to be brushed away regularly to prevent it from becoming tartar, which is harder to remove and provides a breeding ground for more tooth-and-gum-damaging bacteria. While brushing a pet’s teeth at home may seem daunting, our veterinarian can show pet owners how to make it a daily bonding experience. (Pet owners who have never brushed their pets’ teeth before should wait until after that first dental appointment so that we can evaluate their pets’ dental health first.)

We recommend doing the at-home dental regimen with complete consistency and abundant praise. Start with a finger dipped in tasty broth and let the pet lick it. Gradually work up to rubbing the broth-dipped finger along the pet’s gum line. After a couple of days, introduce the special pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste (do not use human toothpaste). We can also suggest special dental water bowl additives and dental treats for each pet to enjoy as well.

Please call us today at (415) 924-3493 to schedule a dental check up or to ask any other questions about how to care for a pet’s teeth at home.