Greenbrae and Marin County Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats

Pet boarding in Greenbrae

If you’re thinking about boarding your cat or dog, let our pet professionals at Redwood Pet Clinic in Greenbrae and Marin County feed, nurture and lavish attention on your pets while they stay with us. We know that there is no place like home when it comes to the love and attention your pets receive, but sometimes pet boarding is the best option for you and your pet. If there is going to be a lot of noise or unfamiliar activity at your home, such as a renovation or a large amount of company, you should consider taking advantage of the professional and compassionate dog boarding and cat boarding services offered at Redwood Pet Clinic.

Our pet boarding service is also a great option for pets that don’t travel well. Sometimes pets don’t like the stress of flying, or traveling in a car for long distances can be uncomfortable for older pets. It’s time consuming to make stops to allow your pet to exercise and go to the bathroom. It can also be hard to find hotels that allow pets. If you don’t take your pets along with you on the trip, it can be difficult for them to be left at home alone all day, even if a friend or neighbor does come in to feed and walk them. For some pets it may be difficult to adjust to living in an unfamiliar home with well-meaning friends or relatives who offer to pet sit.

Comfortable and Caring Pet Boarding Services

The boarding facility at our Greenbrae and Marin County animal hospital is cozy, clean, comfortable, well-maintained and full veterinary professionals who love animals. Our professional staff provides plenty of caring attention, makes sure your pet receives the proper diet, and offers lots of brushing and cuddling. Dogs also have the opportunity for regular outdoor playtime so they’ll get plenty of exercise, and stay happy and healthy.

Greenbrae Pet BoardingIf you make arrangements with us, we can have your pets bathed and professionally groomed during their stay with us. We can also take care of any routine veterinary needs during their stay, such as pet vaccinations or wellness care examinations.

In addition to the loving care we provide the animals that board with us, pet boarding with us ensures that a veterinary professional is nearby to handle any medical issues that arise. Our professional kennel attendants are always on the lookout for any unusual behaviors or medical symptoms in the pets who stay with us. If any kind of medical attention should be required, our staff veterinarians can be quickly alerted so they can make an assessment and contact you to determine if any further actions need to be taken.

Make Redwood Pet Clinic your home for all of your pet care needs and your pet’s home while you’re away. We are proud to look after the health of pets from Greenbrae, West Marin, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, San Anselmo and more with compassion, communication and competency.

Call us at 415-924-3493 to schedule a boarding appointment for your pet.