Keep Your Pets Protected with Vaccinations

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Pet vaccinations are a primary component of responsible pet ownership. Immunizations are designed to prevent dogs and cats from the onset of certain diseases — some of which can be deadly. ¬†Furthermore, vaccinations are highly affordable and are far cheaper than the expenses associated with animal hospital care later down the road.

Although there are several different immunizations available, there are some vaccinations that are essential to pet health. For dogs, they include distemper and parvo, and for cats, the core immunizations include vaccines for panleukopenia and feline viral respiratory disease. Both dogs and cats should be regularly vaccinated for rabies, which is deadly for pets and can be transmitted to humans. It is up to each individual pet owner to work with his or her veterinarian to determine whether to obtain these optional immunizations as well.

Most Immunizations Start at Early Veterinary Visits

Throughout your pet’s life, he or she will visit our animal hospital for regular veterinary check-ups. The earliest of these visits usually begin around six weeks old, when most puppies and kittens are given their first rounds of vaccines. As pets get older, vaccinations are not as frequent, with most dogs and cats visiting once per year for booster shots. Our ultimate goal is to minimize sick visits and keep pets as healthy as possible for years to come.

Each Greenbrae veterinarian in our office is committed to the health of the pets we care for. At our animal hospital, we work with our clients to determine the vaccine schedule that will best fit their pets’ needs. If you are in search of a Greenbrae veterinarian who can help your pet stay healthy and disease-free for life, we invite you to make an appointment for your pet here at Redwood Pet Clinic.

Has your pet been fully vaccinated?