Cat & Dog Grooming

Pets Look and Feel Their Best with Our Grooming Services

Help your pet enjoy a healthy, shiny coat with our cat & dog grooming services in Greenbrae. Our experienced groomers use a compassionate, loving touch to keep your pets looking great.

Our cat & dog grooming services include:

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning

Cat & Dog Grooming Services with a Gentle TouchRedwood Pet Clinic dog grooming in Greenbrae, CA

Did you know that regular cat or dog grooming from an experienced veterinary professional offers many important health benefits for your pet? Grooming helps to evenly distribute skin oils through a pet’s coat, keeping hair free from dirt and tangles. For pet owners who are sensitive to cat dander or other pet allergens, regular grooming also helps to keep these allergies under control. Most importantly, our professional groomer will check your pet for ticks, fleas, skin rashes, unusual bumps and bites, or other health concerns. This ensures any potential health problems are quickly identified and treated by our veterinarian.

We are Dog Grooming Experts

Our veterinary groomers are experienced working with pets who are reluctant to receive baths or who suffer from grooming anxiety. Our groomers have a gentle touch and calming voice which helps these nervous pets relax and enjoy their spa day. If your pet has matted or tangled hair, our groomer can help. They are experienced at gently removing matted hair, even on long-haired pets, without causing distress or injury. We recommend having matted hair removed by a professional groomer, as doing so at home without proper training may cause pain or distress to the pet.

While some pet owners prefer to perform basic pet grooming at home, like nail clipping or ear cleaning, we are also happy to help with this delicate process. Cat and dog grooming is a wonderful bonding time, but if you are unsure about the proper way to provide advanced care, we recommend using a professional groomer. Improperly cutting nails or cleaning ears can lead to unnecessary anxiety, or possibly pain, in your pet.

Some dogs may naturally wear down their nails when playing while others will need to have their nails trimmed every four to six weeks. Trimming must be done precisely so as not to cut into the quick (the live part of the nail). Doing so can cause bleeding and pain, and lead to anxiety for future nail trimming. Our  groomers have a very gentle touch which helps even the most anxious pets relax during the nail trimming process. Our clippers are specially designed for dogs and cats.

Since many pets develop sensitivities to harsh chemicals, we only use pet grooming products that Cat and dog grooming in Greenbrae, CAare free from parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. Our bathing products are all-natural, free from harsh dyes, and feature ingredients like oatmeal, which will help soothe irritated skin. After a bath and full-service pet grooming, our gentle blow dry will have your pet feeling fresh and clean!

Our cat & dog grooming services are the “spa day” your pet deserves to feel and look his or her best. Call (415) 924-3493 to schedule an appointment today.