3 Benefits of Pet Boarding at Greenbrae Animal Hospital

By November 21, 2012Uncategorized

Don’t leave your pets home alone over the holidays! Here are three reasons that pet boarding at our veterinary hospital can make a real difference for your pet’s well-being.

Greenbrae Pet Boarding Keeps Pets Safe and Happy

1. Safe, familiar and comfortable accommodation. Traveling with pets can be a challenge, especially over the holidays. The stress of a long car trip or airplane ride may be simply too much for your pet to handle. Worse, staying in an unfamiliar environment can be very upsetting for your pet. By the time he adjusts, it may already be time to head back home. Pets enjoy staying at our animal hospital because it is comfortable, secure and familiar. Pets are already used to coming here for wellness care, and our veterinary team is already familiar with your pet.

2. Regular attention and activity. Pets left home alone can feel anxious and stressed. They may act out and destroy furniture, chew on clothing or accidentally ingest poisonous houseplants. Even if a neighbor is checking in on your pet each day, that’s simply not enough time or regular interaction for a pet who is used to constant companionship. If your pet ingests something poisonous, it could be hours before your pet receives emergency care from a veterinarian. At our animal hospital, all of our pets in boarding receive plenty of attention, companionship and activity.

3. Emergency care at a moment’s notice. Emergencies happen. Should your pet need urgent, life-saving care while in boarding, our veterinary team is here to assist. We already have your pet’s medical record on file, which allows our veterinarian to quickly make well-informed choices for your pet’s health. Traveling with pets can also be a difficult challenge should an emergency occur. Should your pet suffer a health emergency in a car, on an airplane or in a new city, it can take time to find an emergency animal hospital that can treat your pet.


Do you typically board your pet when traveling for the holidays?