New Year’s Resolutions For Cats

Happy New Year! And, to our feline patients, an early Happy Mew Year, which is tomorrow. As we replace our 2019 calendars with new ones, many people are focusing on their goals for the coming year. Read on as a Marin County, CA vet lists some of the things your furball may want to accomplish in 2020.

Improve Flexibility

Many people choose health and fitness goals as their main priorities when making resolutions. Fluffy may also want to focus on her physical well-being. Your cat may want to stretch more this year. Or, she may try sleeping in some different positions, such as the Pretzel.

Keep A Close Eye On The Humans

Kitties are quite curious, if not downright nosy. Fluffy often likes to monitor her humans. Your pet may want to supervise you more closely this year. She may even follow you into the bathroom!

Work On The Pounce

Cats are very skilled hunters in the wild, and they are more or less hardwired to pounce and jump on things. Your tiny lion may want to work on these skills in 2020. Help Fluffy out by playing with her regularly. Use a toy that you control to make playtime more fun and more interesting for your kitty.

Complete Training The Humans

Does your feline pal have you wrapped around her paws? Do you fill Fluffy’s bowl whenever she meows at you? If not, your furball may have some plans for you this year!

Get Lots of Rest

Your cat probably won’t have a hard time meeting this goal. In fact, Fluffy may very well sleep through most of the new year! Help your drowsy furball out by offering her lots of comfy napping spots.

Help Around The House

Kitties really enjoy being pampered, and they are truly grateful for the love and care they get. Fluffy may want to reciprocate by lending you a helping paw with chores like packing suitcases, changing sheets, and wrapping gifts.


One of the many things we love about cats is the fact that they can be so cuddly and affectionate. Fluffy may want to spend even more time snuggling with you this year. That’s a purrfect goal in our book!

As your Marin County, CA vet clinic, we look forward to helping you keep your pet happy and healthy in 2020 and beyond. Please contact us anytime!

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