8 Ways To Beat Litterbox Smells

Cats are very clean, which is one reason they make such great pets. They’re also quite easy keepers. You’ll never have to rush home to walk your feline buddy, as Fluffy will discretely use her litterbox to do her business. However, while the litterbox does make things easy for you, it can get, well, a bit stinky. A Greenbrae, CA vet offers some advice on busting litterbox odors in this article.


The best way to keep your Fluffy’s litterbox from stinking is to simply keep it clean. We recommend scooping daily, and changing the litter every week. If you like, you can experiment with different types of litterboxes, such as stackable ‘sifter’ litterboxes or self-cleaning ones. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Plants will not only give your home a fresh, clean look, they’ll also help keep your place smelling nice. Check the ASPCA site here for a list of pet-safe suggestions.

Air Purifiers

A good air purifier can be worth its weight in gold (or at least in catnip) as far as combatting odors goes. This will also help keep your home free of allergens, such as dust, dander, and cat fur. Remember to change the filter out regularly!

Deodorizing Products

Liners, sprays, and litterbox deodorants can all help fight foul odors. Or, if you want to try a more natural approach, just sprinkle baking powder in your feline friend’s box.

Product Choices

At the end of the day, some litters simply work better than others do. Just keep in mind that some kitties are a bit finicky about litters. If you change brands, and your furball starts avoiding her bathroom, you may want to change back.

Air Fresheners

Given that air fresheners are made specifically to beat foul smells, it probably is no surprise to find them on this list. Opt for products that actually break down scent molecules, rather than simply masking them with perfumes.


If Fluffy’s bathroom is near a window, keep that window open or cracked when you can. If it’s in a spare bathroom, keep the fan on in that room.

Avoid Overcrowding

If you have more than one cat, you’ll need more than one litterbox. We usually recommend one box per kitty, plus at least one extra.

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