Greenbrae and Marin County Pet Dermatology Treats Allergies, Skin Disorders

Our Greenbrae and Marin County pet dermatology services treat a variety of skin conditions affecting pets, including atopic dermatitis, environmental allergens, parasites and food allergies. We also provide allergy-testing services to precisely determine the cause of a pet’s skin problem. Just like with human allergies, pet allergies can also be incredibly painful and frustrating to a pet. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is the best way to minimize this pain and help prevent future skin problems.

Pet Dermatology Identifies and Treats Common Skin Conditions

Pets that excessively scratch, itch or bite their skin may be suffering from an allergy or other skin problem. Common symptoms of skin conditions also include hair loss, redness, open sores, and recurrent infections. Many veterinary skin diseases and allergies have similar symptoms. Our Greenbrae and Marin County veterinarian is trained to identify these minute differences through diagnostic testing. An accurate diagnosis of atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions will provide relief for your pet’s pain. Prompt pet dermatology diagnosis and treatment also helps to reduce the risk for secondary infections.

Atopic dermatitis is triggered by environmental allergens. Many of the same allergens that affect humans, – including grass pollen, tree pollen, ragweed pollen, dander, mold and dust mites – also affect pets. In addition to excessive scratching or biting of the skin, small bumps may appear on a pet’s rear and inner thighs. Fleabites can also trigger these bumps. Dogs are highly allergic to fleas; a single fleabite can trigger an allergic reaction that lasts for up to one week. If a pet is diagnosed with environmental allergies, our vet will work with pet owners to help limit a pet’s exposure to the allergen. Depending on the severity of your pet’s symptoms, antihistamine medication and allergy shots may also be necessary.

In addition to environmental allergens, pets are also affected by food allergies. Pets that are allergic to ingredients like beef, chicken, soy, wheat, and corn products will frequently scratch, itch or bite at their skin. If your pet has a food allergy, an elimination diet may be necessary to precisely diagnose the offending ingredient. In some cases, an ingredient in a favorite treat may also be triggering the problem. Dietary substitutes like salmon, venison, and sweet potatoes deliver many of the same nutritional benefits without triggering food allergies. Our vet will work closely with you to create a diet that eliminates your pet’s exposure to food allergies.

As part of our pet dermatology services, our veterinarian also treats common skin disorders including canine scabies, feline acne, and ringworm. Like pet allergies, symptoms of these skin problems include incessant itching, redness, hair loss, and sores. Sometimes a secondary bacterial infection will develop if an allergy goes untreated. Depending on the infection’s severity, antibiotics may be necessary.

Allergies and other skin problems can be very painful for pets. Prompt care is the best way to address your pet’s allergy problems and prevent a secondary skin infection.
Is your pet be suffering from an undiagnosed allergy? Contact us today to learn more about our Greenbrae and Marin County pet dermatology services.